Kind & Company is proud of our experience delivering contemporary learning environments from nurseries through primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities. Projects include new and refurbished buildings, general classrooms, libraries, lecture theatres, eco-classrooms, scientific research units and Sport England specified facilities.

Construction methods vary from traditional brick to steel, timber, cross-lam and concrete frames with considerable experience blending new-build and existing structures, the integration of M&E installations and the installation of BREEAM compliant energy efficient technologies.

The majority of education projects operate in close proximity to existing facilities and adjacent community and we are sensitive to the potential disruption of the learning environment and take strenuous measures to minimise our presence. We are keen to maintain open communication with immediate neighbours through newsletters and face-to-face meetings.

Health and safety takes increased importance on Education projects where security and student curiosity may be factors. We implement practical safety measures to prevent witting and unwitting access to the construction areas and we provide safety literature or briefings to highlight any inherent dangers. Where possible we involve students and local residents in initiatives that promote both the construction industry and safe working practices. All staff attached to our education projects must pass required vetting procedures such as CRB and are issued with appropriate means of identification.

Our involvement continues beyond the building process offering work experience or career advice for people wishing to enter the construction industry. We have a long and productive relationship with local colleges to develop and train our apprentices.

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