Kind & Company is committed to working with our clients and stakeholders to build better places for people to live. For over 70 years housing has been central to our business - from the earliest days rebuilding shattered communities in the late 1940s and early 1950s, through London’s expansion in the second half of the twentieth century, to the rapidly moving demands of today. Throughout, we consistently deliver a high quality response to our communities‘ needs and the built environment.

Our portfolio includes houses, apartments, high-end residential, social housing, mixed tenure and residential/commercial combinations, plus we are able to provide combined land, design and construction packages. We excel using both traditional building practices and modern methods of construction, timber, concrete and steel, on or off-site construction. Notable is Whitmore Road as one of the first in-situ applications of the Cobiax concrete system in the UK.

We have an experienced team of professionals delivering the contemporary homes demanded by individuals, RSLs and developers. We operate at all building heights with new-build, refurbished or extensively remodelled projects and locations including greenfield and brownfield sites and restricted busy city centres. Increasingly, we are seeing demand for the conversion of commercial properties into residential space. In these cases we are able to call upon transferable skills from our other sectors and understanding of structural issues to minimise risks. When working in occupied premises we maintain clear lines of communication with all parties.

Our portfolio also includes new-build and refurbished high-end residential properties in central London and the home counties.

We have proven experience of renewable and high efficiency energy sources and are fully conversant with the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) and BREEAM - in particular the CSH 5 project in Prince Regent Lane, Newham. We have installed ground source heat pumps, solar thermal and photo-voltaic panels, together with other complementary installations.

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