Kind & Company is committed to working to build better places to live. For over 75 years housing has been central to our business, consistently delivering high quality homes to meet our communities’ needs. Experience includes houses, apartments, high-end residential, social housing, mixed tenure and residential/commercial combinations, plus we are able to provide combined land, design and build packages.

Operating throughout London and the south-east, we deliver new-build, refurbished or extensively remodelled projects on green- and brown-field sites and restricted locations. We have proven experience of integrating renewable and high efficiency energy sources and are conversant with BREEAM.

377 Kilburn High Road

Residential / Commercial

Lord's Court


Salisbury School (Residential)

Residential / Education

Mill Court


Portfleet Place


Mayville Road


Bevan House


Abbeyfields House

Residential / Care

Summerfield House

  Project Client Year Approx. Value
146-162 Kilburn High Road 146-162 Kilburn High Road KS UK Properties lll 2012 £9.9M
26 Hill Street 26 Hill Street Berkeley Square Holdings Ltd 2018 Commercial in Confidence
317A & 400 Hoe Street 317A & 400 Hoe Street Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association 2021 £11M
377 Kilburn High Road 377 Kilburn High Road Sunray Estates 2007 £3.7M
Abbeyfields House Abbeyfields House Swale Housing Association 2005 £3.45M
Alexandra House (New Build) Alexandra House (New Build) MHA Care 2011 £3.7M
Alexandra House (Refurbishment) Alexandra House (Refurbishment) MHA Care 2012 £1.8M
Archers Court Archers Court MHA Care 2008 £6.2M
Bella Best House Bella Best House Methodist Homes for the Aged 2005 £1.66M
Bevan House Bevan House Residential: Look Ahead Housing & Care PCT: London Borough of Barking & Dagenham 2005 £6.9M
Blaker Court Blaker Court Charlton Triangle / Peabody TBA £3.6M
Block M2 St John Street & Friend Street Block M2 St John Street & Friend Street The Dame Alice Owen Foundation 2020 £3.3M
Boleyn Road Boleyn Road London Borough of Newham 2004 £1.16M
Bounces Estate Bounces Estate Christian Action Housing Association 2003 £2M
Bruton Place Bruton Place Berkeley Square (Holdings) Ltd c/o Eversheds 2013 Commercial in Confidence
Calcutta Road Calcutta Road Thurrock Council April 2021 £9.9M
Carnbrook Road Carnbrook Road Meridian Home Start 2021 £10M
Castlereagh Street Castlereagh Street Portman Estate 2015 £3M
Chatsworth Road Chatsworth Road Mosaic Homes 2007 £835K
Chesterfield Hill Chesterfield Hill Berkeley Square Holdings Ltd 2017 Commercial in Confidence
Clapham Park J3 Clapham Park J3 Metropolitan Housing 2017 £4.9M
Claringbull Court Claringbull Court Barnsbury Housing Association 2008 £1.74M
Colby Lodge Colby Lodge Walthamstow Almshouse Development Co 2018 £5.1M
Cole Street Cole Street Trinity House 2012 £2.2M
Crest Road Crest Road Genesis Housing Association 2015 £2.2M
Cricklewood Broadway Cricklewood Broadway Trevellyan Developments Ltd 2017 £4.4M
Delderfield Delderfield East Regen Limited 2016 £2.4M
East London YMCA East London YMCA East London YMCA (formerly Forest YMCA) 2015 £6.6M
Fellowes Road Fellowes Road London Borough of Sutton 2018 £3.8M
Flying Angel Flying Angel Look Ahead Developments 2011 £9M
Forest Road Forest Road Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association 2008 £2M
Gardner Close Gardner Close Pocket Living 2020 Confidential
Gideon Road Gideon Road London Borough of Wandsworth 2021 Confidential
Greenwich Church Street Greenwich Church Street Greenwich Hospital 2014 £916K
Hall Grange Hall Grange MHA Care 2016 / 2017 £4.5M / £5.1M
Hay‘s Mews Hay‘s Mews Berkeley Square Holdings Ltd 2017 Commercial in Confidence
Heather Court Heather Court Look Ahead Housing and Care 2010 £1.9M
Hopkinson House Hopkinson House Look Ahead Housing Developments Ltd 2013 £1.7M
Ivydale Road Ivydale Road Family Mosaic Housing Services 2014 £2.5M
Jubilee House Jubilee House NJN Construction Ltd 2014 £1.7M
Keats House Keats House London Borough of Tower Hamlets - £3M
Kenbrook House Kenbrook House MHA Care 2011 £4.12M
Lambourn Close Lambourn Close London Borough of Ealing 2020 £1.9M
Larkfield Larkfield Abbeyfield Kent Society 2018 £11.26M
Limes Avenue Limes Avenue Christian Action Housing Association 2007 £1M
Lord's Court Lord's Court Family Housing Association 2006 £1.66M
Lorien House Lorien House Amicus Horizon 2009 £2.4M
Ludlow Lodge Ludlow Lodge London Borough of Sutton 2019 £13.3M
Lynn Mews Lynn Mews Christian Action Housing Association 2008 £2.3M
Mandeville Street Mandeville Street London Borough of Hackney 2020 £2.9M
Marcon Place Marcon Place Genesis Housing Association 2016 £3.3M
Marillac Care Marillac Care The Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul 2014 £3.3M
Mayville Road Mayville Road Christian Action Housing Association 2006 £876K
Mill Court Mill Court Swale Housing Association 2006 £1.95M
Monarch Court Monarch Court City YMCA 2015 £1.33M
Muswell Hill Muswell Hill Lea Valley Developments/Aldwyck Housing 2018 £3.5M
Nags Head Road Nags Head Road Christian Action (Enfield) Housing Association 2008 £4.4M
New Heston Road New Heston Road Shepherds Bush Housing Association 2016 £2.3M
New Road Rainham New Road Rainham Family Mosaic Housing Association 2010 £3.15M
Oliver Road Oliver Road Christian Action Housing Association 2004 £1.8M
Otter Road Otter Road West London YMCA 2011 £1.5M
Parkside: Armagh Road Parkside: Armagh Road Circle Housing Group 2015 £1.52M
Parkside: Hitchin Square Parkside: Hitchin Square Circle Housing Group 2015 £1.4M
Penrhyn Grove Penrhyn Grove Circle 33 Housing Trust 2015 £1.6M
Portfleet Place Portfleet Place Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association 2006 £2.2M
Prince Regent Lane Prince Regent Lane London Borough of Newham 2012 £1M
Purley Way Purley Way Notting Hill Housing 2020 £14.5M
Queens Walk Queens Walk Viridian Housing 2015 £3.15M
Regency Court Regency Court Victoria Park Housing Development Limited Autumn 2022 £7.1M
Richmond Green Richmond Green London Borough of Sutton 2019 £7M
Ridge End House Ridge End House Christian Action Housing Association 2008 £800K
Ryelands Ryelands MHA Care 2003 £4.2M
Salisbury School (Residential) Salisbury School (Residential) Christian Action Housing Association 2006 £2.1M
Spitfire Building Spitfire Building Private 2015 Confidential
St Aubyn's School Nursery St Aubyn's School Nursery St Aubyn's (Woodford Green) School Trust 2016 £880K
Stafford Road Stafford Road Home Group Housing Association 2017 £3.25M
Sugden Way (Rollalong) Sugden Way (Rollalong) London Borough of Barking & Dagenham 2020 Confidential
Summerfield House Summerfield House Look Ahead Housing & Care 2005 £2.5M
Summers Lane Summers Lane TBG Opendoor Ltd - £3.3M
Swan Street Swan Street Trinity House 2012 £2.2M
Templeton Road Templeton Road London Borough of Haringey - £3M
Teresa House Teresa House Christian Action (Enfield) Housing Association 2011 £1.4M
The Meadows The Meadows Private client 2018 Confidential
The Spitfire Building The Spitfire Building Private 2015 Confidential
The Willows The Willows Wickford Residential Developments Ltd 2008 £2.55M
Theobalds Road Theobalds Road Winllan (Theobald) Limited 2008 £2.5M
Trebovir Road Trebovir Road Viridian Housing 2011 £690K
Trinity Church Trinity Church Christian Action (Enfield) Housing Association 2012 £3.29M
Usher Road Usher Road Old Ford Housing Association 2014 £1.4M
Wallington Public Hall Wallington Public Hall Sutton Living Ltd 2021 £6.8M
Warwick Road Warwick Road Family Mosaic Housing Association 2015 £2.5M
Well Street Well Street Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association 2008 £5.8M
Wells Court Wells Court The Trustees of Morden College 2007 £2.4M
Westminister Bridge Road Westminister Bridge Road Private 2012 Commercial in confidence
Whitmore Road Whitmore Road Private client 2013 Commercial in confidence

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