Better Procurement for Better Homes

Better Procurement for Better Homes image

If you haven’t had the chance yet to read The Housing Forum’s ‘Better Procurement for Better Homes’ paper, it is definitely worth looking through with a coffee in hand! 

We wholeheartedly back Geeta Nada (CEO of Metropolitan Thames Valley and Chair of G15) who opens this paper by emphasising how important a role collaboration between clients, consultants and contractors is to ensure a safer, high-quality provision of homes.  

She states: Good procurement can never be about signing a design and build contract and just turning up at a monthly meeting; it’s not about selecting contractors on the lowest bid; or endlessly finding ways to mitigate risks by passing them on to the supply chain. All of these things, as housing providers have learnt the hard way, have led to cost overruns, disputes and defects. 

Instead, this guide advocates a set of values and behaviours founded on collaboration between clients, consultants and contractors. It suggests a partnering ethos and builds on it, to provide a procurement framework and behaviours that will result in safer, higher-quality homes and better places to live

Well said – something we have always advocated at Kind & Co! Work together for stronger results! 

Click the link below to access the paper: