Dame Judith Hackitt Talks to CIOB

Dame Judith Hackitt Talks to CIOB image

The Building Safety Act became law on the 28th of April this year. Dame Judith Hackett says “it is unfathomable to me why people have still not woken up to the need for a very different approach to building safety”. 

Planning gateway one aims to ensure developers consider fire safety needs such as site layout, safe escape routes and safe access. This is one of three gateways introduced as part of a more stringent regulatory framework for design and construction of new high-rise buildings. Noting that these 3 gateways will also apply to 11m hight building in the future.

The CIOB have called for “Greater industry collaboration”. 

At Kind & Co, we think it’s time for everyone to seize the moment, clients, professional advisors, and principal contractors alike. 

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