Raising the beds for residents at Sir George Monoux Almshouse

Raising the beds for residents at Sir George Monoux Almshouse image

In a recent collaboration with Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects, along with our existing client The Walthamstow and Chingford Almshouse Charity (WCAC), we are delighted to have recently spent a day at Sir George Monoux Almshouse in Walthamstow, installing several raised plant beds for the residents. 

The installation also included the erection of an ornamental planting shelf, put together using upcycled materials which had been previously stored at our head office in Leytonstone.

On “installation day” our team of Kind & Co volunteers were ready and eager to get involved with the construction of the raised beds, and the Almshouse residents gave the team a warm welcome in the best way possible - via a nice cup of tea to start the day!

Liz Abbott from the Walthamstow and Chingford Almshouse Charity commented: “The Charity had installed two raised beds some years back and one or two residents were still able to tend a small patch of garden they were cultivating, but as we age, gardening becomes one of the most difficult activities to keep going”.

Giving back green – how the project all began…

The George Monoux Almshouse is located a short distance away from our award-winning project Colby Lodge, which we delivered for WCAC in the spring of 2018. One of the striking features at Colby Lodge, is the beautiful and well-established communal garden, designed to allow residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor space surrounding the development.

PTE won the bid to design Colby Lodge and so from the start understood how integral the gardens would be for this development. The gardens were, as anticipated, incredibly well received; and following feedback from Liz Abbott (WCAC), it became apparent just how vital outdoor space was to ensuring the wellbeing of their residents, particularly during the COVID-19 lockdown, she commented:

“What became clear as time went on [during lockdown], is how important it was for us to all have access to the outdoors and especially green spaces, where a connection with nature was possible”.

Our Operations Director Steve Juson said:

“I extend my thanks to our team of helpers for delivering these fantastic planters to the residents of Sir George Monoux Almshouse, and well done to everyone who worked together to make this project possible. Thanks also to PTE for engaging with us on this project. We are pleased to have been able to work again with our client WCAC to ensure their residents are able to continue to enjoy their love of gardening”.

Patrick Devlin from PTE also commented: “We were delighted to work once again with our client and contractor – and get our hands dirty, making growing beds for a neighbouring Almshouse! More so, given its residents were inspired by our Colby Lodge gardens.”

Here are a few words from the happy residents:  

Mary said: “We just love the raised beds and the amazing skills, application and graft of the men building the raised beds from scratch was truly amazing. Their attitude, humour and finish was outstanding!! The celebration the next morning was icing on the cake, roll on spring…”

Gwen said: “Very pleased with raised beds, no more bending to plant flowers! And they look good, the sleepers used will last for years”. 

Tom said: “The raised beds have helped due to their height and not bending will really help”. 

It is incredibly rewarding to see how we can really have a lasting impact on the communities we build in!